Action prompt 1184983270bdabb7f9dbc059cd86f88a89499aeb801fc70d4cf4d3ebfb7b2313 Insert Date, Time, Both

Inserts string containing current weekday, date and/or 12 hr time into draft at cursor or over selected text, based on user input at prompt. Also inserts new line to start typing your log notes. Compilation of several other scripts in Drafts directory.


Action Steps (2)

Action prompt@2x cb11998746d94a3d71033194a1008ae86ba66b61f8d58555096e9ef3b4fb385e Prompt Show detail
Action script@2x 461fb6950c06fe3f6a3b9a38f0f15826c9057825fdbdd0239fd4d2b8be9c870a Script Show detail


After Success Default
Log Level Error


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