Action url dc5e5ed0858b502c164197d12cd95ce4562533302d3789a96544ff13dfbb93c1 OmniFocus in Reminders

This action is a recursive action which takes the lines of your current draft, and adds them to an “OmniFocus” list in the iOS Reminders app.

After success, it launches OmniFocus.

This intended to work with OmniFocus’s own Reminders import support. (documentation) If you have OmniFocus configured to import from the “OmniFocus” list in Reminders, this action will quickly create the list in Reminders, open OmniFocus and it will immediately import that list as a series of tasks.

If you have OmniFocus configured to import from a list named something other then “OmniFocus”, you will need to edit this action and change the {{!OmniFocus}} to match your list name.

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After Success Default
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