Action star2 iThoughts: Add to Brainstorming Map

Adds lines as subnodes to a map called “brainstorming”. Subnodes get added to a first-level node named “inbox” (the target) in the “brainstorming” map. (This allows further processing in the map. Once ideas are developed, you can incorporate them elsewhere in the map, or they can become their own map.) Action then uses “x-success” action to return to Drafts 4. (Allows “rapid-fire,” sequential additions to the map. Remove if you want to stay in iThoughts to edit the map immediately.) Updated to create new blank draft upon return and to begin editing automatically, thanks to new functionality in Drafts 4.0.4.

Posted by @apkawel

Install in Drafts 4   Migrate to Drafts 5

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After Success Default
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