Action export 6990381e96ad784af73854a6975c1948ac57185063d771937ec18662ba2106df Process To Evernote and OmniFocus

Dealing with meeting notes

This action step puts your notes into your daily journal at the same time as placing all actions in that meeting into Omnifocus. Tasks are marked by using a line with ‘@’ at first character. It does this via a list in Reminders (I use the Focus list because focus is easy for Siri to understand) and “:” as note delimiter for each task.

Props to @jmvfr for the task to Omnifocus part of this - I’ve simply put it together with my current workflow for Evernote.

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Action evernote@2x 624d6a7f4c8b0dd8c6bb252ea63832f599df43c2e77e8ca89bbcd1fb3417156f Evernote Show detail
Action script@2x 461fb6950c06fe3f6a3b9a38f0f15826c9057825fdbdd0239fd4d2b8be9c870a Script Show detail
Action list in reminders@2x 174c70b233c6804a5daf91d8d27a5ae37e78670dae4a4937eb1f5367ed7fdd2c List in Reminders Show detail


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