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Follow-ups for a list of people

This action uses [[title]] as a template to create as many tasks in OmniFocus as lines in [body]. It also adds a task “FU: [title]” that you will convert to project later in OmniFocus (note contains the list of people).

[[title]] : The first line of the draft only = a task
[[body]] : The remainder of the draft text after the first line is removed = the list of people.

Tips :
* Use a pattern for the names, e.g. for “Sven Fechner” write “SvFe”
* Don’t use nested contexts in OmniFocus for “Agendas” & “Waiting For”
* Use templates to create new draft for your usual follow-ups (lists of people with a blank first line).

Link :
** Check Sven Fechner’s blog ** OmniFocus Perspectives Redux: People & Meetings

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