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This action creates a .ics File in iCloud Drive from the content of the draft, runs a workflow to let you pick the file in Drafts Folder and mail it to yourself.
Requires you install the ‘Pick and Send’ workflow in Workflow (add your mail in the To: field).

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How to get events in Calendar with the .ics File ?
In Mail app : Tap (not hold) on the attachment > ‘Add All’.

How to type events in Drafts ?
Each line of the draft represents an event with five fields, separated by commas ‘,’.

  1. Summary (required) : text
  2. Day (required) : 6 digits YYMMDD
  3. Start (required) : 4 digits HHMM (24-Hour Time)
  4. End (required) : 4 digits HHMM (24-Hour Time)
  5. Location (optional) : text

For example :
Monthly meeting,150131,0900,1030,Office

Tips :
* Don’t use comma in Summary or Location
* You can share the .ics file with your team
* Clean iCloud Drive (iOS8) : Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > Drafts 4

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