Action star3 80edda1992c5585bd40a1d82c26181a1255efac8d5afe93a172d0316f91f313c Project & Tasks to EN & OF

Variant combination of three actions already in the directory: “Process to Evernote and OmniFocus” by @edexistant, “Process Notes to OmniFocus” &a One-To-Many in OmniFocus by @jmvfr.

This variant creates a simple note in Evernote using the typical Title/Body format. It also creates the FU: title name (Project) in OmniFocus, but it only creates tasks for the lines that are prefixed with @ + . It’s great for keeping the notes in EN and creating the project entry &a tasks in OmniFocus.

I know nothing about JavaScript…so all credit goes to the original creators. I just did a remix.


Posted by Clymmer


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Action Steps (5)

Action evernote@2x 624d6a7f4c8b0dd8c6bb252ea63832f599df43c2e77e8ca89bbcd1fb3417156f Evernote Show detail
Action reminder@2x 174c70b233c6804a5daf91d8d27a5ae37e78670dae4a4937eb1f5367ed7fdd2c Reminder Show detail
Action script@2x 461fb6950c06fe3f6a3b9a38f0f15826c9057825fdbdd0239fd4d2b8be9c870a Script Show detail
Action list in reminders@2x 174c70b233c6804a5daf91d8d27a5ae37e78670dae4a4937eb1f5367ed7fdd2c List in Reminders Show detail


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