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Renote is for all your notes. It is the best Studies app. Its the best Notes+Tags app on App Store. Its useful to you regardless of kind of notes you make. Renote is for students, for journalists, for physicians & health care personnel, for academicians, for casual ideas. Maybe you are preparing for exams? Record all your short notes to revise them on the go with in-App reference fetching. This is the Perfect app for short & brief note making. Add multiple Tags to each note for quick navigation. Select multiple tags to quickly find what your looking for. • NOTE + TAG : Renote supports Note tagging like no other app. It's got the most robust tagging feature there is. Use all sorts of combination to find what you are looking for. • Intuitive & Fast User Interface makes it possible for you to work fast, type fast, read fast, retrieve fast.... everything just fast! • External Link Fetching: RENOTE automatically fetches excerpts from Links in a note that are from: - Wikipedia - Youtube - Instagram - Vimeo - Tweet links - PubMed • In App Reference Searching (Unique to RENOTE) from - Wikipedia - YouTube - Wordnik • Dropbox Auto-Import: RENOTE can automatically fetch selected Dropbox Files that are tagged in their filename*** • Markdown Preview: For the writers in all of us • TextExpander Support: Import all your snippets. • Open Text standard: Export all your notes in an archive of text files that is easy to import to other apps. • Rearrange Paragraphs, the right way. • Add URL-Actions: Supports URL Actions to transfer Notes to your chosen custom app in your way. • URL-Scheme and X-Callback-URL support. Works great with Drafts app


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