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Genre Productivity
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Refreshed 12 months

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◉ "The Best TaskPaper app for iOS" — Macdrifter ◉ "Excellent Task Manager"— Cult of Mac ◉ “Taskmator, a powerful TaskPaper client for iPhone and iPad, has received full Reminders Integration” — Federico Viticci, MacStories ◉ "Taskmator is really neat and great" —Merlin Mann ◉ "I love using the TaskPaper format, with TaskPaper on Mac and Taskmator on iOS" —Brett Terpstra Taskmator ( Successor of renowned task management app called TaskPaper ) takes full advantage of iOS technologies, gives you speedy, powerful tools that let you more productive. Taskmator offers: •• Document Picker support •• Use Touch ID/ Face ID as your Passcode •• TextExpander Touch support (4.0 TE Touch SDK integration) for snippets expansion •• Customizable Extended Keyboard available on all iPhone models and on iPad with night mode keyboard option available. Apple Reminders Integration • Set/Add Taskmator items with due date in Reminders app from Taskmator • Change due date of Taskmator items in Reminders app from Taskmator • Delete Taskmator items in Reminders app from Taskmator • Sync items across your Apple devices (including Apple Watch) via Apple Reminders app and iCloud Settings • Access "Today Widget" extension on your iOS device for Taskmator's item and mark the item as done' Local Notifications • Set/change/delete notifications using swipe gesture method OR using action menu OR using tag method. • Sync notifications across iOS devices using Tag method • Work on notifications from any text editor. • Set notifications to each item (Project, Task, or Note) in a file. • Support App Badge Number. Badge number works for both number of undone items and for active local notifications Sharing/Actions • Support additional actions (for each item or a group of items) like Print (AirPrint), Email as Text, Archive, Move To…,Tag with.., Go to Tag.., etc. • Send and share a copy of file as an attachment using Mail, iMessage, tweet tasks, post to Facebook, etc. • Basic collaboration on shared DropBox folders/files Live Search with Saved Filters • Powerful search and filtering using Live search method • Add Saved Filter using blue search button on iOS keyboard • Delete Saved Filters • Edit the content of saved filters. • Give a name to a saved filter • Sync saved filter automatically using iCloud Inter-App Communication • AirDrop feature support : • Open In...feature support: • Powerful URL Schemes support: Using custom URL scheme other iOS apps like Drafts 4, Launch Center Pro, etc. can send information to Taskmator app using URLs. Customizable • Dropbox sync folder is customizable, so you can easily edit your documents with multiple apps • Customize extended keyboard keys, themes, fonts, icons, tags, file extensions, extended keyboard font to create your own environment More.. • Syncs perfectly with TaskPaper for Mac • Untethered sync to Dropbox.com (latest API V2). • Custom Task Symbol. • Colored Tags, Tags Suggestion, Links Detections. • Print using custom task symbol. • Type your lists into Taskmator and each line is formatted into a Project, Task, or Note • Full Screen Mode • Tint Color • Organize notes, tasks, or projects by tags • Support outlining, trees, lists structure, etc. • Night Mode Keyboard option • Statistics: Word count, Characters count, Paragraph count, Number of projects count, Number of tasks count, Number of completed projects count, Total number of completed tasks count • Option to hide and unhide status bar of iOS device • Review all your projects to keep them up-to-date and make sure nothing slips through the cracks using "Go to Project.." feature • Support sub-folders, sub-notes, sub-tasks • Sort notes, projects, tasks into Name, Date created, Date modified, etc. • Updated help docs • Approx 150 fonts are available.


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