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beorg is an Org-mode companion app. Sync your Org-mode files from Dropbox or via WebDAV and get access to your agenda on your phone or tablet. Org-mode is a powerful plaintext organization system. It works with Emacs, a free/libre text editor, and is often the reason people start using Emacs. beorg gives you a number of key features on your iPhone and iPad so you can continue to use Org-mode when not at your computer. It has been designed to be simple and fast rather than a full implementation of Org-mode. beorg supports the following: + Syncing your org files from a folder on Dropbox + Showing your agenda organized by week + View the tasks remaining in each org file + Integrates events from your iOS calendar alongside events in your org files + Quick capture to an org file from within beorg or sharing from other apps + Priority and TODO state are shown in your agenda + Update TODO state on your iPhone or iPad + Configure TODO states to reflect your own workflow + Have your device notify you of scheduled items or upcoming deadlines + View a list of all org files synced to your device + See foldable outlines + Copy items for use in other apps + Delete items in outlines beorg is recommended for people who are already using Org-mode. To find out more about Org-mode visit www.orgmode.org. Some comments from testers of Org-mode: + Even without a lot of fancy functionality it 'just works' + It just feels like a really natural way to do things + Thanks for making something I've been waiting a long time for + Made my Org-mode use much better :) beorg is free to download and use. If you want to support future development you can show your support with an in-app purchase.


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