60x60bb Soulver

Genre Productivity
URL Scheme soulver://
Integration Notes None
Refreshed 12 months

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App Store Description

Soulver is a beautiful notepad calculator app that you will love. It has a new interface that is far more useful than a traditional style calculator, which lets you do calculations over multiple lines, and use words alongside numbers, so that they make sense. Use it for quick calculations, calculations involving variables & percentages, unit conversions, and for thinking through problems that involve math. WHY SOULVER IS BETTER THAN A TRADITIONAL CALCULATOR: – Instant answers as you type. – Spread your calculations over multiple lines, and edit mistakes if you make them. – Reference previous answers by tapping on them. These are live references, like in a spreadsheet. – Easy percentage calculations using natural phrases like "15% off $350”, or "$250 + 12% tax", or "40 as a % of 390". – Supports over 150 currencies (including Bitcoin), and has a specially designed currency keyboard for quick conversions. – Custom variables across all your documents, and a special keyboard for quick access to them. – All standard math and programming functions, also available on specially designed keyboards. – Save your calculations into documents, synced via iCloud or Dropbox. Documents can also be exported as HTML styled emails. Soulver is also available for macOS.


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