Popular Keyboard Extensions
  • ""
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • Apple
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • Sort CI
    Sort ignoring case
    Posted by @corwinslack
  • #️⃣
    Convert selected words to hashtags
    Posted by Pawel Grzybek @pawelgrzybek https://pawelgrzybek.com/
  • 日期
    Posted by Chen Yonglin
  • Basic Interact Template
    Posted by reidpooper
  • orglink
    Create orgmode link
    Posted by deuvisfaecibusque
  • date
    Insert the date, day of the week can be calculated a few days ago.
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • Evernote 💭
  • Dictate
    Posted by TJ
  • Undo
  • Interact
    Posted by reidpooper
  • unindent
    Posted by minime
  • Clear
    Clear text
    Posted by @hii_hu
  • Evernote 💭
  • Cut
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • post
  • post
    Posted by kemist360
  • TT Date
    TickTick Date
    Posted by jmreekes
  • TT Date
    TickTick Date
    Posted by TickTick Date Key
  • »
    Indent. Add one leading tab to selected, non-empty lines.
    Posted by @jeremywsherman
  • Date
    Insert today's date and current time
    Posted by Hansen
  • «
    Dedent. Remove one leading tab from selected lines.
    Posted by @jeremywsherman
  • ^L
    Select current line
    Posted by @bobmurdock
  • Markdown > Clipboard
    Posted by kmlemanski
  • Check
  • Tab
  • Copy To Clipboard
  • Posted by G. McCarson, @gregmccarson
  • #