Popular Keyboard Extensions
  • Cursor line end
    Posted by Xor
  • New Draft
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • ✪ 1.2.3... MD
    Markdown numbered list
    Posted by @fabiantheblind
  • dd
    Delete current line
    Posted by ctorng
  • Cursor line begin
    Posted by Xor
  • 日期
    Posted by Chen Yonglin
  • Select Word
    Posted by Xor
  • Table
    Insert Table
    Posted by Erik, @ErikWien
  • Basic Interact Template
    Posted by reidpooper
  • orglink
    Create orgmode link
    Posted by deuvisfaecibusque
  • Sel <-
    Posted by ASeom Han
  • [ ]
    Smart Bracket
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • Draft List
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • Previous line
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • ✪ ≣
    Better Markdown List
    Posted by elstudio
  • Strikethrough
    Posted by Dr. Drang, @drdrang
  • Todo
    Posted by knowish
  • Next line
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • ✪ Link Clipboard
    Markdown link with clipboard content
    Posted by @macography
  • ✪ Link
    Markdown link
  • js HELP
    List of Drafts .js methods, with notes
    Posted by @complexpoint
  • 年-月-日 (曜日)
    Posted by @goonfoot
  • Date
    Output format: Weekday, DD-MM-YYYY. If a number is selected, calculates date offset by those many number of days (+ or —). If nothing selected, it outputs the current date
    Posted by @harshalshinde
  • ⌘X
    Posted by Xor
  • Sel -
    Select Minus
    Posted by ASeom Han
  • ⌃K
    Cut from cursor to end of line, or cut selection.
    Posted by shirose_jp
  • Time
    Insert current time 24h
    Posted by macieksmola
  • When?
    Interpret informal date in current line
    Posted by @complexpoint
  • ✪ >
    Markdown quote
  • D
    Drafts URL Scheme
    Posted by epramono