Recent Keyboard Extensions
  • Remove Multi-Space
    Remove Multi-Space
    Posted by @cavechilde
  • DelText>
    Forward delete all text in draft from cursor location
    Posted by khags
  • #
  • dd
    Delete current line
    Posted by ctorng
  • ✪ >
    Markdown quote selection
    Posted by @longhighway
  • [[Tag]]
    Insert or Wrap selected text in double square brackets, to help in writing url actions that contain Drafts placeholder tags like [[Title]] or [[Draft]]
    Posted by @the_buch
  • Table
    Insert Table
    Posted by Erik, @ErikWien
  • *
    Posted by @jacobzimmer
  • #
    Display Number of Characters in Selected Text.
    Posted by Alfonso C. Betancort, @abetancort
  • ✪ `
    Markdown Code formatting
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • |
  • ✪ [x]
    Markdown todo
    Posted by elstudio
  • ^L
    Select current line
    Posted by @bobmurdock
  • “”
    enclosed in the selected string “”.
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • ()
    enclosed in the selected string ().
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • ✪ Link Clipboard
    Markdown link with clipboard content
    Posted by @macography
  • ✪ Image
    Run Markdown Image
    Posted by crispy_bacon_
  • ❝❞
    Paste as Blockquote
    Posted by @jpburt
  • Fotografie
  • Replace
    by searching the selected text, and then collectively replaced with the clipboard of string.
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • hEL
    Create EmbedLink for Hatena Blog
    Posted by @pironpan
  • hTL
    Create TitleLink for Hatena Blog
    Posted by @pironpan
  • date
    Insert the date, day of the week can be calculated a few days ago.
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • Tw
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • Tt
    Convert selection to title case
    Posted by Drew B.
  • 年-月-日 (曜日)
    Posted by @goonfoot
    Posted by @aamjp
  • Copy
    Copy Selected Text or All Text
    Posted by Swallowtail
  • Outwitters link generator
    Posted by jmjeong