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Creates a new action with a single script action step containing the draft. A HTML preview will open with a link that will install the action when clicked.

The first line of your draft should be a comment with the name of the action. If the second line is a comment starting with ‘Descr:’, the rest of the line will be used as the action description. For example:
// My action
// Descr: A simple script action

Note: The action is will store the import url in the clipboard and paste it from there into the preview markup.
Note 2: it would be easier to directly open the url using an URL step, but for some reason Drafts crashes with this setup. For that reason I used the workaround with the HTML preview.

Posted by jneug

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Action Steps (4)

Action script@2x Script Show detail
Action script@2x Script Show detail
Action clipboard@2x Clipboard Show detail
Action html preview@2x HTML Preview Show detail


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