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Transform your draft or current selection into tasks in 2Do’s Inbox. Every line represents a unique task. Adding notes to a task can be achieved by stating ** as the first two non-white-space character on the next line.

Optional parameters

Optional parameters can be supplied after but on the same line as the task.


See the example @prio(3) @* @due(1d)
See the example with notes @prio(3) @* @due(1d)
** notes here

@due(DATE|DAYS*d *TIME) & @start(DATE|DAYS*d *TIME)

TIME can be ignored. Lower case “d” must be supplied for DAYS. DATE accepts yyyy-MM-dd or yy-MM-dd. TIME accepts hh:mm am/pm, hh:mmam/pm or HH:mm (case insensitive).


ACTION can be either call, message, mail, url, visit or google.


FREQUENCY can be day, week, 2week or month.


Mark as starred item.


LEVEL can be 0 (none), 1 (low), 2 (medium) or 3 (high).


Multiple tags can be supplied as a comma-delimited list.

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