Action url Add Events with Workflow

This action uses Workflow to add events in Calendar from the draft.
It requires the Add Events workflow in Workflow.

Drop me a line on Twitter : @jmvfr

How to type events in Drafts ?
Each line of the draft represents an event with five required fields, separated by commas ‘,’ (i.e. each line has four commas).

  1. Summary : text
  2. Day : date
  3. Start (leave blank if all-day event) : hour
  4. End (leave blank if all-day event) : hour
  5. Location (leave blank if none) : text

For example :
Monthly meeting,15/03,09:00,10:30,Office
All-day event,2015-03-12,,,

Tips :
* Don’t use comma in Summary or Location

Posted by @jmvfr

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