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The most flexible way to add items to OmniFocus’ inbox. Uses the /paste command so that any TaskPaper formatting is properly imported. Uses X-callback to return to drafts after adding items to the OmniFocus inbox. Remove “&x-success=drafts4://” from the URL action if you want to remain in OmniFocus.

OmniFocus currently supports the following tags:

@estimate(time span) - time estimate, e.g. 2h for 2 hours or 3w for 3 weeks.
@flagged - present when an item is flagged
@parallel(bool) - whether children are parallel (true) or sequential (false)
@autodone(bool) - whether the item automatically completes itself when its children are complete (named to match @done)
@defer(date) - defer until date, e.g. 2016-04-19 5pm or next Thursday -3d
@due(date) - due on date
@done(date) - completed on date
@repeat-method(method) - the repeat method: fixed, start-after-completion, or due-after-completion
@repeat-rule(rule) - an ICS repeat rule (see RFC244513), e.g. FREQ=WEEKLY;INTERVAL=1
@context(string) - the context to assign

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