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Symbolay is a keyboard and an app that lets you search emoji and other symbols by their name. Symbols typed on a keyboard or copied from an app can be used in your messages, tweets, emails, text documents and everywhere else. # A Keyboard + Custom keyboard with search - Just start typing query, then tap symbol in results. Text will be replaced with it. + Favorite & Recent - Tap and hold symbol in search results to fav it. It will be the first thing you see when you launch the keyboard. + Auto-next keyboard - I don't expect you to use Symbolay keyboard full time. I even make it as easy as possible to switch. Tap and hold "globe" button to activate *auto-next keyboard* mode. In this mode every time you type symbol you will be taken to the next keyboard automatically. + No full access - You shouldn't give full keyboard access to no-name developer like me. So I don't ask for it. But it has consequences: favorite and recent symbols in app and in keyboard are separate. Sorry. # An App + Powerful search - You can search using not only symbol title, but also symbol itself, it's code and custom keywords like "emoji", "animal", "money" or "goat". Yes, there is more than one goat. + Favorite & Recent - Do you use some symbols often? Fav'em and they will be the first thing that you see when you launch the app. Recently used symbols can be also accessed easily. + List or Grid view - Grid for glances and quick access, list for full-information. + Close-up - Some symbols and emoji are pretty cool. You can see them in close-up. + Multiple encodings - You can copy symbol itself, use one of several encodings: HTML, Python, URL, or copy unicode hex value. + URL scheme - You can launch search from other apps. + Scratchpad - Little text field to collect multiple symbols. With easy copy and paste.


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