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Convertible, the unit converter that can convert anything from the normal to the not-so-normal with its unique interface. Unit conversion is also entertaining and educational thanks to the many non-standard units of measure available. “Stands out from many other apps of its type.” - The New York Times Version 4 is fully iOS 9 compatible! Features: • iPad split view and slide over mode for compatible devices (iOS 9+ only) • Today Extension, view your most recent conversion (great for Currency updates) • Elegant interface with 19 beautiful themes • Full range of standard units for both metric (SI) and non-metric conversions • Hundreds of non-standard units categorised for quick access: Geography, Nature, Everyday Objects, Sports, etc. • Compound unit conversion on many units including time (e.g. hours, minutes, seconds), length, area, etc. • Fraction input and output on some units (e.g. inches) • URL Scheme support, automate conversions with apps such as Launch Center Pro. • Adjustable decimal precision from 5 to 15 significant figures. • A huge range of standard and non standard units from planck lengths to the size of the visible universe. • Share conversions via Twitter, Facebook, email and messaging. Convertible helps to visualise unit conversions in ways not possible with other unit converters: compare distance in miles to the length of the Amazon River, area in square yards to the size of a football field, the possibilities are endless. More conversion types are being added with each release, currently Convertible can convert: • Length • Mass/Weight • Area • 161 Currencies including Bitcoin • Energy • Power • Torque • Volume • Flow • Pressure • Force • Fuel Economy • Temperature • Data • Time • Speed "Convertible is one of the most peculiar and fun iPhone apps I’ve downloaded recently." - MacStories.net "With customizable themes, amazing readability and an intuitive and easy to use interface, Convertible is definitely in a class of its own." - 4.5 stars, 148apps.com


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