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With the Amazon Associates program you can link to products sold on Amazon to earn commissions on purchases made with those links. The trouble is, creating those links is a hassle on iOS. Associate fixes that with easy to use search and link conversion. Associate's search functionality means the entire Amazon store is at the tips of your fingers, literally. Run a search and tap the result you want. Associate does all the hard work of generating an affiliate link that includes your Amazon Associates credentials. Once you have your link, you can share it with one person or a thousand, its just as easy either way. That's pretty great by itself, but Associate's extension adds a whole other dimmension to affiliate linking by letting you generate links from within Amazon's own app or any other app where you find an Amazon link. Associate grabs the link and converts it into an affiliate link in just one tap. And for writers, Associate supports three different Markdown link formats, and can add product names automatically as link titles. Associate also works with Split View on iPads so you can keep it handy next to your text editor as you write. By automating the link creation process, Associate lets you concentrate on what is most important – your writing. Associate is available for every region supported by the Amazon Associates program: US, UK, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, India, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. To find more information, and sign up for the Amazon Associates program, visit the Amazon Associates website for the respective region. More information about Associate is available at squibner.com/associate. *Associate is unaffiliated with Amazon.com, LLC


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