60x60bb Micro.blog

Genre Social Networking
URL Scheme microblog://
Integration Notes None
Refreshed over 1 year

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Micro.blog is a timeline and publishing platform for microblogs. Micro.blog shows recent posts from sites and people you are following. Microblog posts are short — quick thoughts, links to web sites, and replies to friends. It's a fast timeline that's powered by the open web. Publish to your own site, host directly on Micro.blog, or use any service that can generate RSS feeds. Text in each post should be short, 280 characters or less, without a title. Then just add your RSS feed to Micro.blog and anyone can follow you. Instead of trying to be a full social network, Micro.blog is a thin layer that glues the open web together, making it more useful. Micro.blog adds discovery and conversations on top of previously unconnected blog posts.


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