60x60bb Command-C — Clipboard Sharing Tool for Mac and iOS

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Share Text, Links and Images between Mac and iOS. Command-C lets you easily share clipboards between your personal devices. Have you ever wanted to simply "move" some text from your Mac to your iPhone? Simply copy something from one device, share it in Command-C and paste on the other device. It even works in background, no need to switch between apps! The new version comes with tons of new features: - A new shiny UI designed for iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan - Support for iOS 9 and 3D Touch, Quick Actions, Peek and Pop, iPad Multitasking and Spotlight integration. - Bluetooth Low Energy Sharing, a faster and more reliable way to share your clipboards. - A new unified Inbox, keep track of every clipboards received from other devices. - Share Extension, quickly share content from the system share sheet. You don't even have to worry about pairing your devices anymore, if you use iCloud your devices will automatically pair each other and you can instantly start sharing your clipboards. Thanks to Bluetooth Sharing, Command-C now can automatically choose between all the available nearby technologies ( Bluetooth, WiFi and peer-to-peer WiFi ) to always find the best way to share your clipboards, even if you're not connected to the same WiFi network.


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