Popular Keyboard Extensions
  • ⌘C
    Posted by Xor
  • Shift left
    Shift left
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • D
    Drafts URL Scheme
    Posted by epramono
  • ✪ >
    Markdown quote
  • ✪FN
    Markdown footnote
    Posted by @rosscatrow
  • ✪ *
    Markdown emphasis
  • Paste
    Posted by tkilgour
  • ✪ #
    Markdown header
  • ✪ ≣
    Markdown list
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • ✪ Image
    Run Markdown Image
    Posted by crispy_bacon_
  • ##/##/##
    Insert today's date
    Posted by @neighbortim
  • Sel ->
    Posted by ASeom Han
  • Tw
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • ✪ —
    Markdown Horizontal Line
  • ⌘X
    Posted by Xor
  • unindent
    Posted by Xor
  • dd
    Insert current date in standard written U.S. English format.
    Posted by jbwhaley
  • end
    Move cursor to end of draft
    Posted by @GilsDesk
  • ⌘F { 📋 | [[s]] }
    Find clipboard contents or selected text.
    Posted by cprichard
  • ɐ
    Posted by Dr. Drang
  • [[Tag]]
    Insert or Wrap selected text in double square brackets, to help in writing url actions that contain Drafts placeholder tags like [[Title]] or [[Draft]]
    Posted by @the_buch
  • Memorize text by removing letters
    Posted by Michael Dansie, @RunningUtes
  • Toggle Dark Theme
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • Tc
    Toggle the casing between upper, lower, and title case on selected text
    Posted by @jbielich
  • ✪ #
    Markdown header
  • ⌘F { [¶] | [[s]] }
    Find current line or selected text.
    Posted by cprichard
  • Dec
    Decode selected text
    Posted by epramono
  • symbolay
    Posted by @onetapless
  • Copy
    Copy Selected Text or All Text
    Posted by Swallowtail
  • ED