Popular Keyboard Extensions
  • beg
    Move cursor to start of draft
    Posted by @GilsDesk
  • .?! ≣
    Each sentence on a new line.
    Posted by @apkawel
  • ᴀʙᴄ
    Convert text to small caps
    Posted by @jochemkeller
    Remove all empty lines
    Posted by @ComplexPoint
  • ✪ DB Img
    Convert Dropbox-Link in clipboard to Public-Link and insert as Markdown image tag.
    Posted by @goonfoot
  • datex
    Insert the date, day of the week can be calculated a few days ago.
    Posted by robraft-at-gmail-dot-com
  • Hyphenate-Me-Up➖
    For that I-want-to-hyphenate-all-these-words feeling
    Posted by @paulstroudmusic
  • #
    Display Number of Characters in Selected Text.
    Posted by Alfonso C. Betancort, @abetancort
  • Child
    New line with 1 further tab indent
  • date
    Insert the date, day of the week can be calculated a few days after.
    Posted by @harshalshinde (based on @feelingplace)
  • ⌘C
    Posted by Xor
  • Hyperlink
    Posted by ASeom Han
  • @tag (template)
    Posted by @nahumck
  • Trim white space
    Remove leading and trailing white space
    Posted by @nuclearzenfire
  • Z-A ↑
    Descending sort of selected lines
    Posted by @complexpoint
  • [s]
    Select sentence
  • ⌘F { 📋 | [[s]] }
    Find clipboard contents or selected text.
    Posted by cprichard
  • <br>
    HTML Line Break Tag
    Posted by @techstreams
  • DelText>
    Forward delete all text in draft from cursor location
    Posted by khags
  • Arrange Mode
    Posted by agiletortoise
  • make markdown table using selection as column headers
    Posted by @cpaconnelly
  • ()
    enclosed in the selected string ().
    Posted by @feelingplace
  • ml
    Mark line
    Posted by Alexader Seidl, @a_aladin1001
  • Undo
    Posted by LiKeMargarine
  • -‸
    Markdown Bullet Point (also working on an empty line)
    Posted by @sky_y
  • -->
  • Tt
    Convert selection to title case
    Posted by Drew B.
  • FT
    Kaomoji for Flipping Table
    Posted by epramono
  • ⌘F { [¶] | [[s]] }
    Find current line or selected text.
    Posted by cprichard
  • Time
    Posted by @GuyWritesCode